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The Full Moon
Book Club


Hi! I’m Jen White, your friendly neighborhood author-illustrator and dragon tamer (aka Creative Director).

This newsletter will focus on things like: How to make picture books, how to get published, my creative practice, and the weird & wonderful things I find that are worth sharing (like my favorite children’s book authors and illustrators, art and science museums, podcasts, and more).

Ugh newsletter.

Sound boring? You’re right! Let’s call this newsletter a book club. I plan to keep things short and snackable. If you like full moons, starry skies, museums with marble steps, antiquing, oil paintings, dinosaur bones, haunted libraries, magical and spooky ghost stories by the fire, you’ll love this.

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Occasionally, I’ll share links to books I love. When I do, I use and earn a small commission. So, grab your coffee and join me in the Full Moon Book Club.

Be kind, be magical, be weird, & keep reaching for the stars.


Author Illustrator

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